Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

1. You have a product or service
2. You would like to increase your sales and profit
3. Contact us and we will suggest the appropriate on-line campaign

There you go. It’s that simple. All in order to build bigger presence and a recognizable name on the Internet for you. It lets you make more money because the increased presence on search engines and bring you more sales and save you money due to lower marketing costs.

Slowly but surely, the classic forms of marketing such as television commercials or magazine ads  are being pushed away by  entirely new media where users of your services or products are becoming your strongest marketing partners.

The rapid rise of the “social” media on the internet such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like – has opened up many new opportunities, and therefore inevitable need for new and advanced marketing strategies on the internet.

So, we are happy for you to explore and discuss with you the most effective forms of online advertising and run some or all of the following services:

  • SEO (website optimization for search engines)
  • E-mail marketing campaigns (classic, but still the most effective form of online advertising)
  • Creative inernet marketing
  • Video marketing (creation and promotion of videos online)
  • Facebook marketing (Facebook pages, advertising on Facebook)
  • Google AdWords advertising (paid ads on Google)
  • Advertising on various websites and portals (banners, games, sponsored articles, rental of space …)
  • Advertising and Promotion on other social networks (Twitter, Linked-in …)

If you’re not sure what kind of web design solution is most suitable for you or your company or products, please contact us, we will make an analysis of your current situation and needs, then we will advise you and make what is your company most needed and most profitable web design solution.